Backflow is the name given to the process of fluid in a pipe system flowing in the wrong direction. It can result in serious problems if overlooked or mishandled, the most likely of which is the contamination of drinking water supplies. If unsafe water from a closed system leaks back into the communal drinking water system, it could jeopardize the cleanliness of that entire supply.

A backflow preventer is a measure to do just what it says – stop the backward flow of material through a pipe system. However, backflow preventers can fail. This can be caused by several things, such as wear and tear over time, physical damage, improper backflow preventer installation and lack of backflow testing.

Because of the serious potential risks associated with backflow, there are a series of laws governing backflow preventer installation and testing, which may mean your building needs to be regularly checked and serviced.

Ohmtech provides expert backflowng and installation to buildings throughout Metropolitan Vancouver and Fraser Va preventer testilley to fulfill this need. Our field team has built an unrivalled set of skills and knowledge over years of operation. We provide backflow preventer installation and backflow testing services to literally 100s of properties each year, so we are ready for any task.

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