Fire hoses are another massively important piece of the fire protection puzzle. Time and time again, a good, well-maintained fire hose is what makes the difference in a fire outbreak. But unfortunately, as they are often unseen pieces of equipment – tucked away in a dusty recess of a building – they are all-too-easily forgotten about and neglected, sometimes falling into disrepair.

A poorly-maintained fire hose is not just an inconvenience – it can be extremely dangerous for everybody in the building. You need to be sure that every hose on the premises will be working perfectly come crunch time.

As with any piece of fire safety equipment, every firehose in a building needs to be thoroughly checked and serviced by a professional, on a regular basis, in order to guarantee proper protection. This requires specialist training and tools to be done safely, and should only be undertaken by experienced professionals.

To ensure that every firehose is Vancouver fire-ready, Ohmtech offers a range of fire hose inspection and fire hose testing services. Our team of qualified experts will come in to assess your fire safety equipment, perform firehose inspection and firehose testing, and ensure that everything is in full working order.

We perform literally 100s of building visits each year in Metropolitan Vancouver and Fraser Valley, meaning we’ve seen it all. We understand that every building is different, so tailor our fire hose inspection and fire hose testing to your specific circumstances and needs.

When you choose Ohmtech, you’re choosing a name you can trust to get the job done. We offer a range of adaptable, affordable plans for all kinds of properties. Get in touch to find out more and get a quote. For all your firehose inspection and firehose testing needs – we’re here to help.

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