Fire hydrants – the indispensable best friend to the firefighter. Everybody understands just how important a fully functional fire hydrant is in times of emergency. But just because they’re used by firefighters, it doesn’t mean that every hydrant is serviced and maintained by the municipal council.

As you’re probably aware if you’re on this page, the rules surrounding fire hydrants vary depending on where they are situated. It’s true that some fire hydrants – i.e. the ones you can find on public land – are generally maintained by the municipal council using public money. However, according to Vancouver law, if the hydrant is on private land, then generally the landowner is responsible for its upkeep and ensuring that it is fully functional in case of emergency.

In practice, the regular maintenance of such hydrants can be difficult. It requires expertise, specialist tools and equipment, as well as having the time and personnel available to do it. With British Columbia’s highly seasonal climate, the task becomes even more difficult. Big fluctuations in temperature throughout the year can wreak havoc on piping and valves in your fire hydrant. Winter in particular – with temperatures plummeting to well below freezing – make regular fire hydrant inspection and fire hydrant testing not just advisable, but necessary.

This is where Ohmtech’s skills and expertise come into play. We specialize in fire hydrant inspection, along with many other fire safety services. Our team of field experts will come to your building to perform fire hydrant testing, checks and servicing. We’ll ensure your fire hydrants are working optimally and to the letter of the law.

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