A vital part of the fire protection and prevention system of any building, is an up-to-date, well maintained, properly installed sprinkler system. If a fire starts in your building, a proper fire sprinkler can almost immediately render the fire harmless, preventing its spread and limiting damage.

It’s the sort of investment that can save both money and lives. It may even be required by law.

At OhmTech, we understand the importance of sprinkler systems, which is why we’re passionate about top-quality sprinkler installation, as well as servicing and repair of fire sprinkler systems.

Whatever your building type, you can bet that we’ve seen it before. We provide sprinkler installation, repairs and checks to literally 100s of buildings in Vancouver every year, meaning we are undoubtedly leading experts in the field of fire safety.

We understand that every building is different, which is why we perform full, expert assessments of each and every building before we commence your fire sprinkler installation. We can help you follow the strict municipal fire codes, to ensure that your building is legal, insurable and most importantly, safe.

Once we’ve installed you fire sprinklers, or if you have an existing fire sprinkler system, we will be happy to provide regular checks to maintain the health of your system. It can be difficult to tell from the outside whether sprinkler systems are working optimally. The systems can be very complex, and parts can become worn over time, even if not in use.

This is where the OhmTech team come into play. Our experts will visit your building and perform a comprehensive set of checks, tailored to the specific requirements of your building and system. We’ll check every element of your fire sprinkler system to make absolutely sure that everything is working perfectly. If we identify any issues, we’ll use our proven expertise, specialized tools and years of experience to repair the problem or replace parts in your fire sprinkler systems, if necessary.

All you need to do is sit back, safe in the knowledge that our experts are taking care of everything for you. We know that our clients have other things to worry about and the buildings we work in need to be open for use as much as possible. That’s why our repair teams work fast, so you’ll have little to no disruption of the everyday functionality of the building.
We offer a range of adaptable, affordable plans for all kinds of buildings and developments. Get in touch to find out more and get a quote.


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