In many buildings, having an in-house fire pump is a necessary feature to protect against the outbreak of fire. But with such a vital, valuable and complex piece of machinery, it’s extremely important that it is looked after appropriately through fire pump inspection and fire pump testing.

A faulty or neglected fire pump could spell disaster in the event of a fire, so regular, expert servicing and inspection are vital to ensure the safety of everyone in your building. The sophisticated nature of modern fire pumps means that specialist tools, diagnostics and training are usually required to keep them running optimally at all times.

This is why Ohmtech provides a variety of fire pump inspection, fire pump testing and other fire pump services to buildings in Metropolitan Vancouver and Fraser Valley.

We have built years of experience in the field of fire protection services, developing an unmatched base of knowledge and skills. We provide fire protection services to literally 100s of properties every year, meaning we’re ready for any job – big or small. We are trained and experienced with all variations of fire pumps, so there’s nothing we’re not willing to take on.

When you choose Ohmtech, you’re choosing a name you can trust to get the job done and keep you safe. We offer a range of adaptable, affordable plans for all kinds of properties. Get in touch to find out more and get a quote.


Ohmtech provides comprehensive fire pump services, including inspection, testing, and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and compliance with safety standards.
Regular maintenance is crucial to prevent failures during emergencies, ensuring the fire pump operates correctly and provides reliable fire protection.
Fire pumps should be inspected and tested at least annually to identify and rectify any issues, ensuring they remain in good working order.
Ohmtech technicians are highly trained and experienced with various types of fire pumps, utilizing specialized tools and diagnostics for thorough maintenance and repair.
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