Candles can be dangerous when not used properly. Sure, they’re beautiful for decorating your home spaces. Some even have scents that can relax you. But when you’re not being careful when using them, they can lead to a terrible disaster known as a house fire.

Now only will you be risking your safety as well as your family’s, you’re be risking all your possessions. Despite being household necessities and simple to use, it’s actually easy to misuse candles. It’s all about placing them on locations that are actually wrong and dangerous. If you’re not fully aware of where you put them, it might be too late.

Where are the best places to set candles in order to avoid fires? It varies. Sometimes it’s all about what’s near the candle, other times it’s about external forces that might affect the candle and lead it to start a fire. In any case, it pays to know where to properly place them to avoid any tragedies, and here are some of the best suggestions.


Near The Sink

Near The Sink


Probably the safest place to set a candle is near the sink. Not necessarily on the sink itself, as that can be dangerous as well, but rather simply beside it. Firstly, at least it’s near a source of water so that the slightest chance of the flame touching anything else around it can be swiftly be put off. Secondly, sinks are usually positioned within their own spaces and any object near it are not as flammable as other items in your house. There are fewer chances of the fire spreading if the candle is near the sink with all the soaps and wet rags.

In An Open Space

If a blackout occurs and you still need to set another candle somewhere else, place it somewhere spacious. Whether it’s on a desk, a table, a shelf—anywhere that has a lot of space in it. This decreases any chances of the flames from the candle to get on to other items and thus, starting a fire. With no other object near it, the candle is safe and secure. And even if an accident occurs, such as the candle falling down and setting the table and desk on fire, it’ll be easier to put this singular flame out then when other items are involved.

Atop Tall Stands

In the same vein, placing candles on tall stands make it less likely to inflame any other object that’ll make it easier to spread the fire. You can buy such stands on any furniture and appliance store and place them in a spacious area. Make sure that the stand is sturdy enough because if it falls, that’s an accident that’ll definitely lead to trouble. Otherwise, such stands are perfect for placing candles on because they’ll maximize the illumination of the candle. It’s more likely that the entire room will be lit with this type of furniture.

Far Apart Each Other

Far Apart Each Other


At times, you can’t help but place two candles in the same room. It may be because the room is so vast that one candle is enough. Or that the light from your candle is not bright enough to make it better to see through the darkness. In any case, if you’re planning to place two or more candles in one area, make sure they’re as far apart as possible. The fewer flames are together, the weaker they are. And when they’re not strong, you can easily put them out one by one, avoiding any possibility of a house fire.

Far From Papers And Dry Cloths

It can’t be stressed enough that flammable objects should be kept away from candles or any material that can ignite flames. There are the usual ones, like gasoline and oil, but there are also ones that are more common and you wouldn’t know it, but you’re actually setting your candle beside them. These include stacks of newspaper and extremely dry cloths. These materials shouldn’t be anywhere near a candle, let alone anything else that can get intensely heated up. Better to throw them away to a recycle bin than to leave the risk of starting and spreading fire. If you don’t want to throw them away, simply gather them to a secluded area far away from your lighted candles.

Unreachable To Children

Wouldn’t you want your candles to stay perfectly still perched in an area where they wouldn’t fall? This is the ideal situation, but sometimes, you can’t control everything or everyone in your house. With this in mind, place your candles away from little children and animals. They shouldn’t’ be near flames in the first place. And secondly, your candles shouldn’t’ be placed anywhere that they can reach it. The slightest movement might make the candle fall and start a big fire that’ll be difficult to put out. Keep this in mind the next time you need to light some inside your house.

On The Dining Table

On The Dining Table


Dining tables are great furniture to set your candles on. They’re spacious enough (usually), you can place glasses or pitchers of water around it, and, with the large and tall kinds, they’re not as reachable to children and pets as other tables and desks are. You can simply place the lighted candle right smack in the middle of your dining set and you’ll be fine. Just take away anything else that might be flammable, especially the dry tablecloths and napkins, and you’re good to go.

In The Bathroom

Finally, bathrooms are essential rooms people use even in the event of blackouts. Place one inside yours so you can still goa bout your business when nature calls. Fortunately, the bathroom has loads of sources of water, which means this is also a safe place to set them in. Just trot out al the dry towels and tissues while the lighted candle is there to avoid any drastic accidents. But even when this happens, at least you’ll be ready with water. It’ll also pay to have a bucket or even a cup-full of H20 ready just in case!

Best Places To Set A Candle To Avoid Fires


Stay safe during blackouts or intimate nights with candles placed in the best and secured places. You can never too safe when it comes to fire!


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